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The Campaign for UC Davis

Campaign priorities

Photos: A professor, a student in a nanotechnology lab, a student in moot court, a male graduate, a student at the farmer's market

The Campaign for UC Davis empowered the university to achieve transformational change around the world. The campaign had five overarching priorities, each grounded in the university’s mission and vision. The campaign strengthened the university’s position as a global leader for positive change by advancing:


UC Davis is advancing excellence by enabling the university’s faculty, students, staff and alumni to achieve at the highest levels. UC Davis’ faculty are inspirational teachers and mentors at the forefront of their fields. These teacher-scholars are asking the questions that are shaping our lives and educating the students who will be the visionaries of tomorrow. UC Davis is also advancing excellence through its dedicated staff and through investments in its world-class undergraduate, graduate and professional school programs. UC Davis teaches its students to be critical thinkers and to find sustainable, long-term solutions to pressing problems. UC Davis’ alumni shape the world as they work to solve the dynamic challenges of tomorrow.


UC Davis is advancing innovation through investments in groundbreaking research, scholarship and creative endeavors. UC Davis’ faculty and students are catalyzing new ideas, expanding the frontiers of knowledge, translating discoveries into life-changing applications, and moving innovations from the lab to the marketplace. Whether in the areas of patient care or food systems, energy efficiency or nanotechnology — or many other areas in the arts, humanities, sciences, engineering and medicine — UC Davis is advancing innovation in areas of great significance to society.

Public Service

UC Davis is advancing public service by working to address the varied and pressing needs of communities near and far. True to its heritage and modern-day mission as a land-grant university, UC Davis is dedicated to addressing the needs of people and society through public service and outreach, in collaboration with our partners in the region and around the globe. Working hand-in-hand with our partners, UC Davis is extending cutting-edge discoveries into the local and global communities, helping identify relevant solutions to critical problems.


UC Davis is advancing opportunity by investing in high-caliber, diverse experiences for learning and discovery. Students at UC Davis learn through top-notch instruction, hands-on research, international and intercultural exchange, career development, athletic competition and community service. These opportunities broaden students’ horizons, and unlock the potential of each individual and of whole generations. UC Davis creates tremendous opportunities for teachers and scholars to advance their teaching, research and public service, through team learning, mentoring and cross-disciplinary collaboration. By maintaining an educational institution that is accessible as well as top-tier, UC Davis is fostering equality and encouraging diversity.

Quality of Life

UC Davis is advancing quality of life by investing in teaching, research and public service on the range of issues that improve well-being—including education, health, food and nutrition, public policy, the environment and the economy—with the help of strategic partnerships at the local, statewide, national and global levels. UC Davis is improving quality of life by fostering economic prosperity in the region and across the state, and collaborating with businesses, government, foundations and communities to build a healthy, sustainable future.

The campaign is helping UC Davis fulfill its new “Vision of Excellence.” To learn more about how the Campaign for UC Davis helped the university make important strides toward achieving this bold vision, please see the 2013-14 University Report.