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The Campaign for UC Davis: $1 billion goal reached


The University of California, Davis, announced today (Nov. 15) it successfully reached its goal to raise $1 billion from more than 100,000 donors through its first comprehensive fundraising campaign, The Campaign for UC Davis. Funds from the campaign have benefited the entire university, but especially UC Davis students by providing them with access to a top quality education.

The accomplishment of raising $1 billion was achieved more than one year ahead of the original December 2014 end date. The Campaign for UC Davis is now scheduled to conclude on May 31, 2014.

“This is an exciting day for our university and shows the enormity of what can be accomplished at UC Davis when we work together as one team,” said Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi. “This achievement would not have been possible without the involvement of our entire university community and the generosity of a very large network of strong supporters. I am thankful to each and every one of them for helping us reach our goal.”

To reach the $1 billion goal, the university received gifts and pledges from 102,600 donors.

  • California residents donated more than half of the $1 billion total.
  • Within California, the largest amount, $148.9 million, came from Santa Clara County residents. Sacramento County residents donated $59.6 million and Yolo County residents donated $53 million.
  • Donations came from all 50 states; $44 million from donors in New York and $38 million from donors in Washington state.
  • International donations totaled more than $34.5 million from 60 countries; $12.2 million came from Japan and $5 million from the United Kingdom.

Many UC Davis supporters, including longtime UC Davis philanthropist Margrit Mondavi, joined the university in celebrating the $1 billion goal being reached.

“When you give, it does feel better than receiving. It’s something that’s a legacy, a legacy for the future and for the students that are going to come out of Davis,” Mondavi, co-chair of the Campaign Cabinet, has said. “It is a school that is visible and is beautiful … it is a great university.”

Being a comprehensive fundraising campaign, The Campaign for UC Davis counts all gifts and pledges to every college, school, department and program across the university — including the UC Davis Health System. It also includes grants awarded to the university by philanthropic organizations and nonprofit foundations. Initial fundraising efforts for The Campaign for UC Davis began in July 2006. The campaign publicly launched in October 2010. Since then, and over a period of three years, UC Davis has raised over $400 million from about 30,000 donors during one of the nation’s most significant recessions since the Great Depression.

“This achievement of raising $1 billion from more than 100,000 donors shows that a culture of philanthropy is alive and well at our university,” said Shaun Keister, president of the UC Davis Foundation and vice chancellor of development and alumni relations. “It is a milestone worthy of celebration, but it does not mark the end of The Campaign for UC Davis. Today, our $1 billion goal has become a reality thanks to you. Imagine what more we can do for our students, faculty, staff, patients, programs and this great university with your continued support.”

When the university reached its $1 billion goal, donors had directed their funds to support the following areas:

  • $135 million for student support
  • $48 million for endowed chairs and professorships
  • $462 million for student and faculty scholarship, research and instruction
  • $211 million for patient care
  • $108 million for university environment and capital projects
  • $40 million for unrestricted giving to support emerging opportunities

The single largest commitment during the campaign was a $100 million grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to establish a nursing school at UC Davis.

“The creation of this school has brought tremendous value to the community and the state by preparing the next generation of healthcare leaders,” said Heather M. Young, associate vice chancellor for nursing and founding dean for the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing. “It is just one of the hundreds of achievements our university has realized during the past seven years that would not have happened without philanthropy and visionary partners.”

Having successfully raised $1 billion, UC Davis is now among the top 2 percent of higher education fundraising programs in the United States.

“As an alumnus, I know firsthand the power of a UC Davis education. That’s why I’m so proud to be part of this universitywide effort to help ensure all deserving students receive a top quality education and that UC Davis’ vision of excellence will continue,” said Maurice J. Gallagher Jr. ’71, Campaign Cabinet co-chair.

Through the campaign, 9,111 donors funded 1,481 scholarships, fellowships, awards and other activities for UC Davis students, of which 1,051 are newly created.

The funds have helped thousands of undergraduate, graduate and medical students during the past seven years, such as Fairfield, Calif.-native Luis Godoy. Godoy is the son of a California farmworker who dropped out of high school to avoid gang involvement and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor in his mid-20s despite being a teenage father. After attending community college, Godoy transferred to UC Davis where he earned a degree in biology in 2008. He is now a fourth-year student at the UC Davis School of Medicine thanks to a fellowship from SAFE Credit Union.

“It is an honor to be where I am today and I have overcome many obstacles to get here,” Godoy said. “Through their support, these donors are giving those of us who would otherwise not have the means, the opportunity to pursue our dreams.”

This article was originally published by UC Davis News Service.